Are you an entrepreneur or a professional in the Luxury Superyachts industry and Hospitality? Are you about to develop or start a new business? Are you based abroad, or is it simply not cost effective when it comes to allocation of your time to travel to carry out site inspection or event supervision? Are you worried that your HNWI clientele may feel lost and overwhelmed during their vacation? Are you looking for some exclusive and bespoke experiences and events for your guests, but you are not so well connected or familiar with the territory and the local culture? Do you need doable operational procedures and Staff training to increase your Resort revenues and customers’ satisfaction?


Then, you need Adagio Studio and Raffaella Yeuillaz’s valuable experience in the international Luxury Market, Yachting and Hospitality industries, confirmed by strong references and professional achievements. 

Dedicated to professionals, companies and investors within the Yachting and Leisure & Hospitality industries
who can relate with analytic methods, regimental working approach and who need highly qualified support in